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Urban Dictionary Challenge!!Term used for Serbian organized crime. Literally means "Our thing" in Serbian.

BuzzFeed publishes news and entertainment in the language of the web, and in our work, we rely on a style guide to govern everything from hard-hitting journalism to fun quizzes. We value …

when a person either considers wearing or decides to wear a diaper, or shove toilet paper between their butt cheeks in order to be able to travel from their …

A short sleeve button up shirt. Often worn by the engineers at NASA, who work in Florida and Texas. A short sleeve button up shirt.

A acurance that happen to young and older women it means no ass at all.

Aug 21, 2019 … Commonly, you may hear the phrase "she's a rocket" for especially attractive women. Above that, it's the whole department, NASA. A girl so hot …

The Urban Dictionary Of Design Slang.

Jun 4, 2018 … A person, usually a millennial, who wears clothing that has a NASA logo or image on it, and is a hipster.

When you have explosive diarrhea that is so bad that it virtually or literally lifts you off the toilet seat (like a NASA rocket).

Not wanting to lose the tradition of innovation, NASA has recently tried to appease the government and an ever-increasing public ignorance of the benefits of …

Oct 31, 2019 … A short sleeve button up shirt. Often worn by the engineers at NASA, who work in Florida and Texas.

With an immediate post-election victory push for gun restrictions, state Democrats play to the prejudices of their urban-to-suburban base with legislation that sticks it to the rural areas where …

A girl that when is first spotted seems to be a 10, but as you get closer, the countdown begins. By the time you reach her, she is a 1 and you need to take off.

Urban Dictionary: NASA. National Aeronautics and Space Administration – the successor of the earlier National Advisory Committee for At first glance, the garment would appear to be an official national aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA product, as the…

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Urban Dictionary. Retired Questions. Don't get me wrong, I think NASA is a cool organization and I'm happy to see people show enthusiasm for space exploration and science, but why have NASA t-shirts become so ubiquitous in the last year or so?

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Nasa shirt to nasfate. Nasa shirt. nasassty.

Samsung’s upcoming lineup of new products have been at the center of various leaks, but this time, the Korean tech giant was to blame. On Monday, Samsung accidentally leaked details of its …

This study is important, as even NASA astronauts report that sleep inertia affects their performance on the International Space Station.’ ‘If we can continue to improve our understanding of the …

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